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Why is CUTCO the best gift?

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Forever Guarantee

CUTCO is the only kitchen cutlery company that guarantees their products forever! CUTCO is a multi-generational product that lasts for generations to come. All clients are entitled to sharpening services for their CUTCO knives and CUTCO will replace knives that are worn out decades after they are first purchased!

Customized Engraving Options

We offer customizable engraving options for logos and personal messages on select knives. For business and corporate gifting, we provide a high quality product that represents the value your business brings to your clients. Your gifts will be used everyday, meaning your business will stay top of mind for your clients!

Exclusive Double-Durable Edge

CUTCO has an exclusive double-durable edge that consists of three straight edges in between the points of the blade. Our double-durable edges can be re-sharpened and smoothly cut back and forth, rather than tear your food.

Outstanding Customer Service

We are committed to providing all of its clients 100% satisfaction of their products, with customer service ready to assist over the phone. With Forever Gifting, I am committed to providing you with personalized one-on-one service that ensures you create deep, powerful relationships in your business.


"These knives and scissors were housewarming gifts for my daughter. She told me that they are beautiful. These are replacing some inferior knives that she was fed up with. Those knives were literally falling apart. These will be enjoyed for a long time. She is a third generation Cutco customer now. It gives me great joy to gift her with them."

Warren C.

Happy Customer

"Bought these cheese knives with the white handles. Beautiful! I plan to give them as a gift, and I know they will love them, because I love every Cutco knife I own (which is several!). I inherited my Grandmother's set - which had been well used - Sent them in to Cutco and they refurbished them, replaced the ones that were not able to refurbished and all for only the cost of shipping!!! Amazing! These knives are at least 50 years old. So, this set I bought as a gift - American made!!!! will be the perfect gifts for the young couple I have in mind that love to cook."

Jill H.

Happy Customer

"I bought this set for my daughter who is a cheese lover. She always sets out a beautiful cheese board when she entertains, and these knives are wonderful! They are beautifully designed and function perfectly. I also have the classic cheese knife for myself and love it. I use it frequently and highly recommend them."

Gloria A.

Happy Customer

About Us

My name is Aron Goeken and I have been an independent sales representative for CUTCO products for seven years. I am passionate about helping businesses grow through the power of gifting!

I reside in Banff and in my spare time, my wife and I love to hike and travel!

I am committed to:

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Adding Value to Your Business

Proving High-Quality Products to Represent Your Business

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